If you've found yourself on this page after finding a disposable camera with this website written on it... congratulations and welcome to my Traveling Camera Project!

To make this fun for everyone involved, please note a few guidelines:

1. Snap an exposure or two of someone/thing that means something to you, a day in the life, (nude) portraits... seriously, anything you find interesting... or even mundane. 

2. Please be courteous and respect the spirit of the project by not taking up all the exposures at once.

3. You can remain anonymous or add a note about you, fun facts, etc. when you pass the camera on.

4. Pass the camera along to a friend, acquaintance, or maybe even a stranger if you're feeling extra bold.

5. If you feel like sending the camera somewhere far, feel free! I'm happy to reimburse* for postage - just email me for instructions on how to request reimbursement. *Please do not send the camera away via mail until I have confirmed the postage reimbursement amount!

6. The person who snaps the last photo in the camera gets to send it back to me! Please email me for more details on how to do s, and I will reimburse you for postage.

7. I will get the cameras developed and post photos on my Instagram. If you do not want your photo(s) shared online, please notify me via email.

© 2019 by Samantha Harding